Sol Creations Handmade Natural Jewelry for Men and Women

Established in 2002, Sol Creations offers unique earth, surf, and spiritually inspired handmade leather and beaded jewelry for men. We are committed to selling durable necklaces and bracelets made from high quality, eco-conscious materials at a fair price. We specialize in men's leather necklaces and leather bracelets, as well as natural beaded malas and prayer style bracelets on leather cord. Our pieces feature beads and pendants made from wood, bone, pewter, gemstone, shell, horn, seeds and other natural materials. We also carry an ever expanding collection of bone carved Maori style Hooks, Twists, Korus, and Whale Tails.

The inspiration for Sol Creations' jewelry designs comes from being immersed in the adventure and nature of Lake Tahoe, CA, the California coast, and occasionally Hawaii. We source only the highest of quality materials and believe in men's jewelry that's rugged, timeless, and durable.